Private Investigations

At ASAProcess Services, Inc. we understand the value of discretion and privacy, but we also know how important the truth is to our clients. The reasons behind engaging in a private investigation vary greatly, but the importance of every situation does not. Our clients have come to us with missing loved ones, suspicions of infidelity, the need for a background or asset check, workers’ compensation fraud situations, and many other sensitive issues. We approach all cases privately and with care while we legally investigate the truth so that you can walk away with evidence for a case, or just peace of mind. Sometimes all you need is the truth to move on.

Our private investigators are discrete, professional, and effective. Although we take on all investigative cases, we focus on the following areas:

Person Locate

Because our company primarily focuses on serving process, we are adept at locating people in order to serve them, but we are also approached with many people looking for lost family members or friends. Using online databases, researching addresses and phone numbers, talking with neighbors and friends, and with a little improvisation we can find the person you are looking for. Regardless of the reason, our experienced investigators will track down your missing person.


This incredibly sensitive situation needs investigators who really care about their clients. We don’t take these cases lightly. Our investigators understand that everyone involved in these cases are people and the ramifications are emotional. For this reason, the truth is the most important thing to us. We uncover every rock to understand what is really happening so that our clients can make the right legal or personal decisions.

Background and Asset Checks

Are you hiring a new employee? Do you feel nervous leaving your child with a nanny? Are you engaging in a financial connection with someone? We do thorough research of civil and criminal records and financial information of a person. We are experts at finding the facts and providing analysis for several different types of legal matters. For more information, please ask!