Process Service

Our professional process servers are incredibly experienced in the Denver area. We have intricate knowledge of Colorado geography, law enforcement, and local professionals, giving us the edge in serving your papers faster, more effectively with fewer attempts, and therefore more affordably than your average server. We take pride in our ability to provide law firms, corporate legal departments, and private individuals nationwide with a proof of service without stress over case time restraints.

Audio Recording

Since the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, we have found that our clients needs from a compliance perspective has evolved. To help with compliance, we audio record our service on the field. By audio recording service on the field we have been able to not only successfully serve cases for our clients, but also to make sure that the service stands up in court when it is questioned. Audio recording gives our client peace of mind in knowing that when needed, we are often able to provide them with a copy of the audio recording during a particular service. We have seen great success with its use in and out of court.

Here are some of the advantages of audio recording:

  • Our process servers are more thorough, and safe on the field.
  • An audio recording can be used in court if needed.
  • We are able to perform quality control to ensure compliance with the state and federal laws.

ASAProcess Services audio records all serves for security and accuracy. Often, a defendant will claim they have not been legally served or there are complications that can ensue in any situation. Relax with the knowledge that your process server, the defendant, and everyone else who may become involved is legally being held accountable for their actions. Note: we never audio record when it conflicts with the 4th Amendment or trespassing laws.

High Volume Serves

Our large process serving company is well equipped to handle high volume serves. We are often contacted by paralegals or large law firms with big cases requiring multiple service of process to people in the same area. Our process servers are fast and we have the staff to get all of your documents served with time to spare.

Commonly Served Documents

Although we can serve all legal documents, the ones we encounter most often are subpoenas, summons, complaints, orders to show cause, eviction notices, petitions, writs, and other legal documents specific to certain cases. We serve papers for civil cases, torts, family law, eviction and landlord disputes, and other situations. Our process servers specialize in evasive people. For more information, see our page on skip tracing.